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Allen B Is The Leader Of The People With New EP, ‘Gypsy King’

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Allen B is a versatile artist with a unique sound and a passion for his craft. Growing up in a large family, music had always been a connecting force to them. Now as an artist releasing and producing music, he is able to share that connection and experience with the world around him. His latest project Gypsy King is a collection for the people. This brilliant set of tracks is both beautiful and real. It is truly amazing addition to his discography.

Gypsy King is an EP about the leader of the people. “It’s about nomads, regular people that you see on the street or next to you on the bus.” The concept of king that goes into this EP is meant to represent a leader of the regular people of the world. Someone who stands up for and relates to those who are not particularly well off or lucky. Allen B did an amazing job of making each of the songs on his project relatable and easy to listen to. They are honest and still a light, fun experience.

While all of the songs on this EP are amazing, there are some songs that stick out in this project. Some of Allen B’s favorites are his track “Dance Hall King”, an energetic Dance Hall song that can get virtually anyone on their feet. Not only is this song fun and upbeat, it gives a view of just how much versatility this artist has in him. “Road Rage” is also a song that truly showcases his skills. Allen B is also already working on releasing a Hip Hop remix of this song, a version that is sure to blow his audience out of the water.

Through his music, Allen B hopes to influence his audience to be proud of who they are. He wants them to understand how important it is to be unique and true to yourself. “Always be yourself. Understand that life is about taking chances and doing what you can to take care of your family and the people that you care about.” This theme stands out throughout his projects, especially through the different tracks in Gypsy King.

Gypsy King is already an amazing addition to Allen B’s discography, but it is not the only thing he has in store. This hyper-motivated artist is already hard at work with a stack of songs ready to go. He is gearing up with two different EPs on the way as well as several different singles. He is also currently working on expanding his team, on the search for managers and others who can help him to create a more exciting and productive career for his fans.

Be sure to check out Allen B’s music and follow him on social media to keep up with everything that he has coming and all of the exciting surprises that he is sure to have as he moves forward in his career.

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