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Music & Art- Allen B Music

Immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of ‘Music & Art’ with Allen B. This unique musical journey transcends boundaries, painting vibrant emotions through enchanting melodies. Allen B’s compositions are a masterpiece, seamlessly blending the worlds of music and art, evoking profound emotions and inspiring creativity. Experience the harmony of sound and visual expression in ‘Music & Art’ and let your senses be enthralled by this exceptional synergy of artistic endeavors.


“Creating Opportunities for other people that in return creates opportunities for you”
Brandon Allen

  1. Mother Earth MF Eistee 1:44
  2. Fidelity Allen B 4:00
  3. Goodbye Long Story Longer/Kurupt/Obie Trice/MRK SX 4:34
  4. Feel King Iso/Tech N9ne/Matt Phoenix 4:37
  5. Wherever I Go (feat. Lawrence & Michael McDonald) Jacob Collier/Lawrence/Michael McDonald 2:46
  6. Try Love Vybz Kartel 3:06
  7. Intro Junior M.A.F.I.A. 1:02
  8. LIKE ME TromBobby/Frank Nitt 2:52
  9. Goblin Saukar 3:13
  10. Dance of the Snowflakes Silke 2:29
  11. Dreaming About You Dr. Beat 3:11
  12. Special To You Hash/Scarlett 2:34
  13. W.i.f.e. KXNG Crooked/Joell Ortiz 2:10
  14. Hanasaka Jiisan Soulshakers 3:18
  15. Claudine Wu-Tang Clan/Method Man/Ghostface Killah/Mathematics/Nicole Bus 3:56
  16. A Little Bit of R&B SkeetSkurt/Sissi 2:38
  17. I Still Got Time Chill Moody/Hiruy Tirfe 3:17
  18. Green Thumb Cashus King/DJ Applejac 3:32
  19. 2424 White Plains Road Chef Porter 4:00
  20. Untouchable Koncept 2:34
  21. Funk on Saturn - Radio Edit Jesse Saturn 2:39
  22. The Moment Luchii/Medhane 1:43
  23. ANTI SOCIAL MEDIA Chad Kowal/LostinVegas 2:23
  24. End of the Tunnel JACOBRA 3:27
  25. It's All Free D. Moore 2:41
  26. Still 4God Southern Com4rt/A2thaMo Makes Beats 3:03
  27. No Matter How Badge and Talkalot/Quelle Chris/lojii/Brint Story 4:50
  28. Day One (Bonus Track) [feat. Anthony David] Beneficence/Jazz Spastiks/Anthony David 4:05
  29. Uk Talk Radio Virginia Beach.mp3 Allen B 3:50
  30. Hip Hop Revo ALTEREGO 1:33

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Discover the newest releases by Allen B Music. Dive into a world of fresh melodies and compelling stories. With each new track, experience the evolution of Allen B’s artistry, leaving you spellbound by the power of music.

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